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area chapters of the red cross super storm sandy. meanwhile the red cross is conducting blood drives in unaffected states. officials said they have been 100 blood drive campaigns in 11 east coast is already due to the storm. >> on hurricane sandy when that storm is now and where it is expect to go. plus a look at our weather. >> to put some of this into perspective 13 ft. storm surge flooded manhattan's tip. sandy has been downgraded to a poster of all cyclone. we saw the maximum sustained winds of 60 mi. per hour. i want to take a wider look at the storm and you can see how massive if he is. the red on the screen indicate heavy to moderate rainfalls you consider blue on your screen indicate where we are seeing snow in the appalachians. the storm is particularly nasty because it is a conversion of two separate systems. we have a category one hurricane coming west. and cold air coming south from the arctiw >> just to show you how much rainfall we are expecting at the 7:00 a.m. our a 10th of an inch for washington d.c.. trace amounts for new york city not to bet just yet. as we head to
>> and super storm sandy is going through the east coast. this storm has millions of people without power this morning. many of them are stranded and the public transit is down in new york. >> here in asbury park new jersey flooding is a major issue that people are waking up to. this is what we have been seeing from street to street. and this stop sign was knocked down and as people wake up they found that their home was full of water. sandy slammed into new jersey at 80 mi. per hour. the storm did major damage to the new york area. a number of new york subway systemer i stating that they hae never experienced anything like this before. they stated that sandy has wreaked havoc on their transportation system. >> we knew that the storm would be very dangerous and it has met our expectations. we are seeing a lot of water throughout manhattan new york. >> speaking of power outages here in new jersey there are 2.3 million people without power. more than 7 million people are without power due to the storm. this is a very cold and windy day. teachin >> a live picture here shows west 57th s
>> super storm sandy hits the northeast part.hardly. . >> the seven francisco giants are home and they're getting ready for their big victory day parade. >> dense fog is along the coast and we are seeing compromise conditions for interstate--the this fog advisory has been an affect and is set to expire about 9:00 a.m. this morning. it is cloudy conditions for tomorrow and we do have a storm system pushing man and we can see some of the rain and packed the kids for tomorrow night. >> this is a form the morning and the clouds are expected to depart. >> we are seeing an increase in the drive time up until about 13 minutes. the quick the highway 81 and the north bay ride from 101 to the marin. >> back to our tracking of super storm sandy. in new york last night you see that this is a transformer that exploded and knocked out 670,000 people. if these customers are all in the dark this morning and they have stated that they had to evacuate a hospital. this is just one of the stories coming out due to sandy. this picture here shows a building falling on the sidewalk below. the buildi
. grant lodes, kron 4 news. >>> now to the latest on tropical storm sandy. superstorm sandy slammed into the east coast and done so hard. 13-foot surge of water into new york city and left a construction crane dangling off of a 74 story building. it is dumping rain and snow on most of the east coast with more than 5 million people without power. the storm is also blamed for 13 deaths. states of emergency declared for multiple states and officials suspended trading on wall street, closed subways in new york and shut down airports in new york, new jersey and connecticut. bay area red cross and the national guard have already been sent in to help as the clean up is expected to take days and cost millions. kron 4's jacqueline bennett is tracking tropical storm sandy. >> this is a nasty storm because unlike most hurricanes they just go up the coast line and become tropical storms and go away. this merged with a powerful winter storm. you can see all the snow, the blue indicating snow, dark blue is heavy snow and a mix of rain and snow, that is the purple. you see more of the cold weather
. teacand >> there is a fire that has erupted and this area was the rocket with fire due to hurricane sandy. this fire has read ignited and firefighters have not had a chance to get out there because their roles are impassable. this is almost reminisce thing to what we saw in san bruno. this neighborhood is just completely destroyed and this chopper is showing some of the damage. this is some of the video from overnight. president obama will be there in new jersey to assess the damages. there is we will continue to cover this in the wake of hurricane sandy. >> we will be right back. [ female announcer ] pillsbury crescents fabulous but...when i add chicken, barbecue sauce... and cheese...and roll it up woo-wee! i've made a barbecue chicken crescent chow down. pillsbury crescents. let the making begin. here's a better idea. pillsbury grands! flaky layers biscuits in just 15 minutes the light delicate layers add a layer of warmth to your next dinner. pillsbury grands biscuits let the making begin. >> we're back it is 6:15 a.m. we asked some fans what their strategy is for getting to the parad
and head of the super storm as hurricane santee. it is expected to becoming on shore hurricane and sandy. with 800 mi. could be even impacted with rainfall, snowfall, april williams has of people are preparing for this upcoming the >> hurricane sandy is making its path for the most densely populated areas. the perfect storm and a new study of just how much more money are getting paid. one half million dollars and women in the workforce. >> relief for some of those >> there have been several east coast cities that have been expected to make landfall around delaware. however they think that 800 mi. could be hit by strong winds, rain and snowfall. april williams has more. on how people are preparing a. >> conditions are deteriorating as the path goes towards the east coast with declarations of emergency with mandatory evacuations for atlantic city casinos and barrier islands. the expected magnitude. >> we have to be prepared for the worst and this is unlike any other storm is going to be forecast for a slow-moving storm. >> it could merge with a cold front with a super could unleash heavy f
the developing story with hurricane sandy at least 10 deaths with millions of people without power. team coverage beginning with vicki liviakis... >> it may no longer be a hurricane but she is still packing a punch. this superstore made landfall and we are getting a steady stream of images this super storm. a massive sulking. the ground and the satellite is possibly the worst of its kind with this massive sulking. it could be historic. the massive soaking intensified on at the satellite with crashing waves and flooding. even hours before it had. take a look at hoboken, the water. and on eight avenue, new york city. this portion of this building and the atlantic city casinos look like they are on the banks of a river. one early casualty is the ship that sank 90 mi. off cape hatteras, north carolina. the 14 crew members for rescued and the dog house kennedy compound of camp intelsat. and people are urging to cap hiannes.. >> there are deteriorating conditions in the window for you to get out is closing. >> i am hoping that i have a house when we get back. >> this is a rush hour in new york city wit
of atlantic city. tropical storm that sandy has made landfall in atlantic city. washington, boston, subways are all shut down. 7000 flights have been grounded. the new york stock exchange is closed. at least millions of people are without power on along the eastern seaboard. people are ordered to move to higher ground. and manhattan is impacted this is massive. weather or not it is a t tropical storm classification or if it is a hurricane if it is still making a huge impact. jacqueline, we are still going back and forth with their id is not a ca classification. , it does not matter if it is a tropical storm because it is merging with the winter storm. because of that it is intensifying. it is basically stalling with making landfall. you can see the rainfall associated but also some snow. that is the blue on your screen and also the purple. we have been seeing this heavier rainfall rates. the all, the orange, indicating rainfall rates very very heavy, with the yellow, with over one-inch per hour. and it is not moving fast. a closer look over washington, and pennsylvania. look at that. downpo
its way to the east coast. hurricane sandy will affect 50 million people in the east coast. this storm is moving from 80 mi. per hour. the evacuations are in the way for new york city and the subway is shut down. wall street is also closed today. this is atlantic city and this casino and shutdown along the coast. i have a satellite butte to show you. view to show you. the snow from this storm will only be in that appellations. there have been 65 deaths due to this form in the caribbeanstorme caribbean. >> people are reporting wind gust and sandy is expected to strengthen within the next 24 hours or so. this is why we are worried about sandy's path. this will basically bring a lot of wins and rain in parts of the new jersey shore. we are really watching this is a very large system and we are talking about i reno last year but sandy is much more bigger. >> the storm surge could get up to 11 ft.. sustained winds will be at 85 mi. or ouper hour. >> we do have dense fog for the bay area. and the rest of the bay area is not so lucky. we will seek delays on any arriving flight tests this morn
for insisting on holding the race. as the city struggles to recover from super storm sandy. you can see this damage appeared this is just a sampling at least 90 people have been killed in 10 states. and nearly 4 million homes and businesses are still without power. some sections of the york city have not seen any aid since the storm hit on monday. >> s.i., the hardest hit of the new york's boroughs. and according to residents the most neglected. >> this is a disaster. >> they forgot about us. , this is a disaster. they are pleading. >> we are going to die! we are going to freeze. >> the storm surge pushing boats inland with entire homes swept off their foundation. half of new york's police fatalities died here. -half of new york's -- fatalities. with young boys being ripped. >> no cameras! >> this man was initially hostile and denied the woman's story. >> she did not see the woman's story. one controversy put to rest as mayor michael bloomberg cancelled sunday's to your marathon. there are rows and rows of boxes of food for the marathon runners. >> the untouched resources turning into a
deaths are already attributed to the storm. >> we are watching hurricane sandy on a satellite picture. this is the outside of the storm leave and see lots of rain impacting parts of washington d.c. down to the virginia atlantic coast. also add to the yard area. --new york area. we are expecting us to really drop lots and lots of rain over the next day or two. here's a look at the track for hurricane sandy. it is a category one hurricane. it is 300 mi. southeast of new york city. he can expected to impact parts of the atlantic city area of the new jersey coastline also into the delaware coastline. as early as later tonight and then potentially early tomorrow morning. this is a very large system. it is supposed to gain strength. it is slowly moving around 20 to 25 mi. an hour eca looking at5 mi. an hour quieter conditions but still some areas of dense fog to start your monday morning. >> it is a foggy start to the morning believe they're not the lights are lit up corn and some of the buildings behind us. visibility is compromise so you really can't make it out. visibility is pretty poor
on your feet. rz >> and it's not over yet. as sandy continues to dump rain and snow throughout the east coast. >>> sandy still causing problems for millions of people along the east coast. the store is being blamed for at least 50 death, mostly from trees uprooted by the high winds. more than 8 million people are still without power in 17 states tonight. and it could be weeks before power is restored to everyone who is affected. so far new york and new jersey have been two of the hardest hit states with so much of atlantic city underwater. some airports continue to be closed, but limiting travel in the new york metropolitan area will resume tomorrow morning. also the new york stock exchange is expected to reopen tomorrow. >>> an update on the rainfall totals so far. joermg town and delaware -- georgetown and delaware, over 10 inches. other locations like oceana and virginia, washington dc just under 6. rainfall totals have been excessive as sandy has made landfall. steady rain is continuing at this hour. but the coverage is decreasing as sand sestarting to weaken some. still heavy rains
coast states. the storm caused nearly $20 billion in insured losses. overall, sandy could mean $50 billion in economic losses. that would make this storm the fourth costliest catastrophe in united states history. chris welsh has more. >> reporter: the damage is unimaginable. the toll on human life and the financial devastation are still being tallied, but in the areas hardest hit, it's time to move forward. >> our job has moved from saving lives to rebuilding them. >> reporter: the long road to recovery meant a long wait on thursday. new york commuters faced a choice of standing in lines for buses or trying to get to work on their own. >> not only our train, 35 minutes door to door. >> reporter: 9-23 subway lines are still not running. much of 34th street remains in the dark. people there need food and help. >> we're going to have to find some longer term solutions to this. >> reporter: gas station lines stretched for mil >> three hours . a lot of patience and sanity. >> reporter: the presidential candidates are venteduring back on the -- venturing back on the campaign troil trail
devastation of superstore sandy ravages the east coast. still some people are waiting for help to our right. and drunken brawls are a common sight but now they are doing away with the faugh extra patrols. first, the san francisco police saying that the hot spot for police activity. the san francisco police chief says he is putting more officers in the mission district. we're in the past month, violence has spiraled out of control. kron4's phillipe djegal is live with more on a sector where police say most of the crime is happening. >> philippe? >> this is densely possibly later many can get a quick escape. it is also a multiple bus stops making this area a transit hub. >> if somebody were thinking ahead they could make a quick getaway on a public transportation is also a gang activity. >> 16th/san francisco there is a more police presence with patrol units motorcycles and on marked cars. >> there has been 94 arrests and one half block since august. >> since wells fargo have been vandalized. >> and also aggravated assaults with weapons for is related and four homicides. the weather is the dr
. >> how the states are preparing for hurricane sandy. >> it is actually looking pretty good outside. the bay bridge toll plaza is already seen patchy clouds and a lot of sunshine is in store for that afternoon. there'll be warmer temperatures for this after know. it will be low 50s and oakland as well as livermore valley. it will be gorgeous in the south bay. it will be 81 in los gatos. upper seven days for livermore. downtown san francisco will be in the low 70's and in a mixed bag of zero power 70's for the north bay.70's for the north ba >> the giants are preparing for game 3. here they are arriving in detroit. kron 4 j.r. stone followed the giants and how they're getting ready for game 3. >> the giants have arrived. they are now in detroit a.k.a. the d. the giants manager stated that his team is ready and fans in detroit stated that they are tired of this giants squad. >> it has been a tough couple of days. >> when you think of paul blololaolo no comment. >> do you think this panda guy is pretty good? tic >> yes he is good. >> we are going to win one game and there will win anot
is nice and smooth to worker way into the city. >> tracking super storm sandy. people affected by sandy dealing with the reality of the aftermath of the storm. at last count 98 deaths were contracted to the storm across the united states. that number is up by a a third from yesterday's. officials say about 4.1 million people are without power for about 15 states. there are also fuel shortages all along the east coast. financial analysts estimate the storms cost nearly $20 billion in insured losses. overall sandy could mean $50 billion in economic losses that total would make this storm the fourth costliest catastrophe in in a state's history. >> i have been going over the department of labor the employment report does get out. we had a jump in american tired as mont. 1071000 jobs have been added in october. they also include creased revised upward the number of americans were hired from august to september. the unemployment rate climbed from 7.8 to 7.9%. this is the labor department last look at higher before tuesday's election. the job market is gradually gaining some momentum after st
is 23 minutes out of novato into the city. >> thank you erika. superstar sandy deliver a knockout punch to the northeast. blamed for at least 33 deaths. the storm has moved on communities are trying to give back to normal. >> new jersey gov. chris christie devastating something he's got he would never see. he surveyed the damage from the national guard helicopter. in his state and others along the east coast massive flooding , trees toppled, homes flooded. destroyed by fire also. the focus turns to recovery. >> we will fill set for a couple of days. the collective back to work. >> york's mayor michael bloomberg is also looking for. >> we have a plan for recovery and their recovery is already beginning i'm happy to say. it is the beginning of a process that we know will take a while this is the end of the downside and hopefully from here it will go up. >> president obama medicine prize visit to the red cross. >> my message to the governors and mayors and through them to the communities that have been hit so hard is that we are going to do everything we can to get resources to you. >> pub
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will see a lot of flooding and it will be a bad situation as we head into tuesday. >> hurricane sandy killed 14 others across the caribbean. this strong storm is headed to the east coast and you can see that sandy soaked parts of florida. operations are being made for what could be an unprecedented hit. >> neighbors to the north kept a watch. the nation's forecasters stated that sandy is a it ugly halloween surprise. from north carolina up to new england. given the fact that this is a long storm we expected to have significant impacts. it is still a mystery as to where it will actually hit. >> this is the worst timing for a storm. the storm itself will be bad but i am worrying about ane should be lessons that we plan again. >> the storm is already impact in the presidential race and the forecast, it may have made rom a cancel. >> police are not allowing one into the water and you could see how the winds is picking up. the coast guard is discouraging anyone to be and the u.s. hurricanee center stated that all of this rain drenched haiti and it warned that it may have a life-threatening
:30 super storm sandy claims another victim of the world-famous new york city marathon why the city officials ditched the race at the last minute and we will show you how the bib gourmand.. list works.. [ male announcer ] citibank's app for ipad makes it easy for anne to manage her finances when she's on the go. even when she's not going anywhere. citibank for ipad. easier banking. standard at citibank. helps him deposit his checks. jay also like it when mother nature helps him wash his car. mother nature's cool like that. mobile check deposit. easier banking. standard at citibank. >>pam: now to the latest of that deadly aftermath of super storm sandy. new york officials reversed themselves today canceling the city's marathon that was expected to attract 40,000 runners this weekend. this city is still struggling to recover from superstore sandy. at least 90 people are dead and 10 different states because of the storm. and nearly 4 million homes and businesses are without power. some sections of new york city, like saddam island, have seemed a little assistance. >> this is a disaster
k him. hurricane sandy is bearing down on the eastern seaboard. the latest from new jersey. be sandy is already better in cities along the east coast with heavy rain strong winds and pounding surf. >> sandy is not your typical storm. >> this love is moving slowly bring highlights of rain. essentially this is a hurricane. the new york stock exchange suspended trading for monday. broadway shows or darken the subway has stopped running. residents have been asked to evacuate. new york's mayor has the courage residents to respond. >> i cannot stress enough that this is for your safety in if you refuse to evacuate you are putting yourself at risk and also the first responders will have to assist you in and reduce it. >> president obama has this advice for those living in the storm passed. >> you need to take this very seriously and follow the instructions of your saved local officials. they will be providing you with the best advice in terms of how to around 2:00 p.m. cloudy conditions around the coast line sunny conditions everywhere else. the cloud cover will have an impact on the condit
is this thursday november 1st the northeast is still reeling after super storm sandy this morning. we'll have more on the damage and efforts to clean that up and just a minute. bay area is waking up to rain and we're tracking if there's a forecast and we will visit with their cut in just a bit. >> we are tracking a hot spot at interstate 580 where the drive time continues to decline. and the 5:00 hour there were 45 minutes twice the usual commute time. we are now pushing over 60 minutes over one hour to they also must pass to the dublin interchange. there is still trying to clear the house in the off ramp. rain and a number of incidents and the westbound direction , with a multicar crash that did not clear very quickly. it has left us with this horrendous westbound back up. they flee that is the only hot spot this morning. >> here is a wider view of the storm system we are tracking. it is making his way to the south. impact a lot of church leaders last night but we are no longer seen plo. it is still raining in the south bay and east bay as well. we've seen some improvement for san carlos in redwo
: coming up cleaning up after sandy with power outages in the impact on travel. struggling bay area homeowners get a big break. where many people were seeking advice and help for their out of control mortgages. and the ipad mini. starting tomorrow is at it worth the wait and the money? we will have details coming up in our tech report. this is hayden. that's elizabeth. and that's skyler... and his mom, nancy. they're just a few of the californians who took it on themselves to send you a message about what they need to restore years of cuts to their schools. prop thirty-eight. thirty-eight raises billions in new revenue - bypasses sacramento and sends every k through 12 dollar straight to our local schools... every school. for them. for all of us. vote yes on thirty-eight. >> the latest on the devastation and the cleanup from meccga strom sandy power saying that at least 4.5 million people are without power in the teen's states. and fuel shortages on the east coast. financial analysts are saying that it is still the $20 billion it could mean $50 billion in economic impact. making it
expected to open, despite having major flooding from sandy. >> new work at jfk will start flying again and limited capacity yesterday. >> we will take a quick break it is for 0 7:00 a.m.. we will take a quick break. it is a wet start this morning iran arrived overnight. we are waking up to aid would commute. at 4:09 a.m. and futures are mixed on wall street. the shredding was shut down because of hurricane fanti. >> the dow gained close allowed the town. the nasdaq lost about 1111 points. >> a great day on wall street for ned flick after word got out that the billionaire investor carl con. icon is known for buying stakes in companies and then pressuring changes in management and the board of directors. net flics has been sagging company raised prices 16% a year ago. >> an estimated 25% of centel's were knocked out by super storm san. subscribers will not need to paint or do anything extra just dial out as you normally would. calls will aren't medically connect through the network with a strong signal the area. >> ups is expected holiday sick to this to some 10%. the company says the pr
round-the-clock to get subway tracks clear following hurricane sandy. most every open this morning to help with the morning rush hour the they're still not a hundred percent just yet. new york's metropolitan transportation authority releases video of water being pumped out of the south ferry subway station in manhattan. here is the underground shot johnny better conditions that they're working man. for some thursdays commute into manhattan from the oroughs tookt was a nightmare to say the least. there are plenty of gasoline there's not enough gas look to get to the stations. in new jersey drivers facing another day of long lines to get whatever passes at the gas stations before they get supplies again. this is city of new york last night. aaa estimates 60 percent of the stations and new jersey are shut down right now. relief is slowly on the way. ports and terminals in connecticut rhode island and pennsylvania remained open. portions of the pipeline are expected to open today. part of the long lines stems from panic buying and any price rise that were seeing right now should be tem
are preparing for here recurrin-hurricane and sandy. is expected the combined impact with the cold of winter storm could be one-third of the country and nearly 60 million people several states have declared states of emergency and the new york gov. this morning is reporting that all transport systems be halted. evacuation's are expected to begin in atlantic city. at noon. and also airports could be closed major delays expected. >> we have nothing to complain about just a beautiful day today. >> janu? >> good morning, isabel. we are going to see those 80s similar to yesterday. we started off with a patchy clouds and some still clouds could return overnight inland. we will take a look at that on fog tracker 4. by noon, plenty of sunshine. it is going to be and other beautiful beach day. and among the san mateo pecoast it could make its way overnight. for the afternoon highs very nice. the peace in livermore. low mid 60s for the east bayshore. 66 degrees expected in half moon bay. and low mid 70's with the 77 degrees in santa rosa. 78 degrees in napa. upper 60s expected for downtown san francis
santee tore through the big apple. after hurricane storm sandy the new work liberty and new wo-wornewark. for the.. reopened and call your carriers, first. we are getting a better idea of how much damage and devastation is just remarkable. charles clifford have some amazing before and after. >> the damage is widespread. it appears that the jersey shore line in particular bears the brunt of the storm. take a look to the before and after this is with the casino. looked like in seaside heights before and here is how it looks like, after. this entire portion has been broken off with the debris onshore. and this roof off and even this small peninsula in tuckerton.. with water completely surrounding these homes. damage and flooding inland. this is from eighth avenue in the new-york city the front of this brown building. this is the before and this is the after the entire wall has fallen down. finally, this is the entrance to a parking garage. this is the before and this is with the same looked like after completely flooded with several cars sticking out of the water. who will have mo
and after pictures. >> take a look. this is look. tuckerton... peninsula of hurricane --sandy this is what the a news report looked like at seaside heights but this entire portion of the pier is broken offshore. this is the bridge to the north. this is what it looked like before and this is what it looked like afterwards the storm has forced a lot of debris out. this is from 8 avenue in new york city check out the front of this brown building. this is the before. this is the after. the entire wall of this apartment complex has fallen down. finally, this entrance to the parking garage. this is the before and this is the same after. several cars sticking out of the water. in san francisco, kron 4 news. >> we will be following the latest recovery efforts and a quick check of the weather in the bay area. >> good morning, james. happy friday it is a bit cooler. for the north bay valleys and temperatures are on the cool side. downtown san francisco as we take a look at the visibility. less than 1 mi. with less than 2 mi. you could have issues of the visibility on highway no. 37. not that bad for
have died from the storm. sandy's over rob death rises. over 5 million people are still without power this morning and undamaged parts of the subway system in new york and new jersey will begin to run a drop the day. they have fired some of the things to run today. >> new york's three major airports are running. flight service is slowly getting back on track. issue to see the a's pitcherthese pictures. they only have partial service. >> it is 6 05 a.m. coming up. now that halloween is over they are projecting that the numbers for the holiday. will take a look at that next. the wet road ways might slow you down a little this morning. it is 59 degrees and we are expected it to rise a little bit. ♪ [ female announcer ] nature exists on the grandest scale... ♪ ...and in the tiniest details. ♪ and sometimes both. nature valley granola thins pack the big taste of granola and dark chocolate into one perfect square, under 100 calories. nature valley granola thins. nature at its most delicious. >> we are tracking interstate 580. i am just getting an update from the highway patrol and the
--hurricane sandy-y making landfall in just a couple of days. however, we could still see the combination of storm activity on the east coast. that cold air coming down from canada. and it is causing cool temperatures in the motor city. temperatures right now, coming up from your seven day forecast, coming up. >> high-tech help from authorities in alameda. we will give you a closer look at the drone and it is possibly going to take flight. election day is just 10 days away. what propositions will be on november 6th. the new york nanny stabbing to children and turning the knife on herself. çsk> and national news more information of of the new- york city nanny who is accused of killing two children and a stabbing herself. , ortega is recovering from injuries in hospital. she is expected to charged in the debt. she is a naturalized u.s. citizens. she moved here from the dominican republic. she is going to be expected to be charged with the children's -- tha death we don't call this our company, we call this our mission. green toys teaches children that if i have a milk jug and i stick it in the
. the weather tomorrow is going to be terrible and detroit. there is a leading edge of hurricane sante sandy-with wind speeds at 40 m.p.h. cold temperatures just below the 40's. that is if we meet the number five. but perhaps that is not going to be the case with the bay bridge look for the clouds to increase as the go for the overnight hours. a cloudy start and those clouds are forecast to give way very slowly. sunshine and it is going to be cooler. your monday forecast, coming up. >> developing news with the eastern u.s. coast is bracing for a superstore. hurricane sandy. and the giants with a super-storm -- and we of news crews from detroit and our own backyard. full coverage, ahead. >> welcome back let us check in with phillipe djegal. >> it is an emotional roller coaster for this crowd. you can see that it is feeling just like the at&t park sell out. the hope is for the giants to pull this out. >> check it out. you see people with their cameras. we are still live in the giants are trying to get a runner. with to0. certainly the playoffs have not been lost. with six teams they need to no
on futurecast. >> now to our developing story. this destructive and deadly aftermath of the mecca storm sandy. this is new york city and you can see that partially collapsed construction crane is over 57th between sixth avenue, seventh ave. this is about 74 stories high. however, the repairs are just on hold waiting to see if the winds could reduce powerhousat least 50 people alog the eastern seaboard have been killed by sandy. 8 million people are without power. from as far as the carolinas all the way up to the state of maine. it could take several days before power is restored. this super storm is saying its punch for the big apple this explosion at an electrical substation was caught on tape. with much of lower manhattan in darkness a generator officials at a downtown hospital. newborn babies as just a few days old are carried out of n y u and patient's are ushered down 15 flights of stairs. ... dedicated hospital workers doctors, nurses, showing their true spirit by escorting. and the police rescuing the jersey residents of seaside heights. smoke rising from the ruins of the building des
santee could be over but the cleanup is just beginning. and massive damage on the east coast. sandy >> san francisco police found a man that is responsible for vandalism of a public minibus. gregory granice was booked on multiple felony charges. they are making sure that more arrests have been with this investigation. j.r. stone has more details. >> the police chief said that there was some one bindle and now they are after more from a public muni bus. they set it on fire after the san francisco had retrieved. tuesday, they arrested 22 year-old granice confessed that he was bashing these windows. the police department are going through these two people. these pictures are side by side. this cellphone is a little bit greedy but you can see both individuals is. on wednesday, it is focusing on finding these the focus is a little bit-a grainy. >> this type of behavior, we will our rescue, identify you and your court to pay for it. so, do not go there. >> the social media is credited for catching gregory and perhaps more from the public could help with the arrests of more of these arrest
. no casualties hurricane sandy- it has however, claimed 40 lives and the caribbean. the northeastern united states could get hit on monday. forecasters say that it could merge with two other storms it has already declared state of emergencies. residents are being warned that they could be without power for several days. >> the u.s. navy is getting but every it could bring with 26 ships had been ordered to go from a virginia out of its path. it started leaving this morning and will continue to go out this tomorrow morning. they have been putting out sandbags and checking disaster relief of several facilities in the area. in the coming up three brothers, one terrible decision that dramatic video of these stunt gone wrong. >> this new atm encouraging cellphone theft? a of the world series. we have giants. with giants details, this man in canada we have it all complete world series details. >>pam: senator harry reid is out of the hospital after this automobile accident in of las vegas. the motorcade crashed with eight other vehicles. he walked into the hospital on his own and was retreated. he
continue to track santee. we will keep you updated. tracking - sandy >> san francisco officials are promising tomorrow's championship is going to be grand. today, more details about the event to reselteresa estacio. what are some of the highlights? >> you can feel the excitement in the air. as every of portions of the details are falling into place this wonderful parade that is going to happen in just a short time. let me show you this monitor, you can see with plenty of people getting ready for these balloons. the orange, the black for the team colors. as we count down we are learning new details about what is in store. sources tell kron 4 news that there will be a blizzard of confetti. blanketing everybody from at least 20 trucks. thousands of balloons and players with their families will be in convertibles. everybody will be able to see them. the mayor promised that it would be world-class with changes from the one in 2010. >> a little bit different and 2010. many if you recall some of the players report on the cable cars. and many said that they cannot see them. they had to
in new york open. >>> and with an estimated 25% of cell towers knocked out by sandy, wireless providers at&t and t-mobile have agreed to share networks in new york and new jersey following the storm there. subscriberce won't need to pay -- subscribers won't need to pay or do anything extra. >>> we're seeing rain throughout the bay area, lighter rain tapering off in santa rosa which is good because we've been seeing rain there for several hours. spotty rain showers after hid night. some of those cells will be heavy. into tomorrow, decreasing cloud cover into the afternoon. still cool temperatures. the warming trend? that's for the weekend. the tailend of this system is pushing through, sweeping through the bay area. pulling in some tropical moisture, the core of tthe tailend extending well offshore. so the rain is pretty much in the right place. the intensity is a little rye right now -- high right now. we're seeing the lighter rainfall. and it's south of the golden gate. in the 2:00 some of the residual showers move in. into your morning commute, 5:00, a few scattered showers, same thin
hit hard by hurricane sandy. following this morning's meeting administration officials will be visiting storm damage communities where they will examine the response efforts on hand. if they do want to make sure that necessary resources are being provided. >> this marathon has been cancelled and this is a past video from an older one. they have been getting criticism due to superstar and sanded. at least 40,000 hours are 47,000 people the world were expected to run this marathon but here are reactions due to cancellation. >> are you sure that it is cancelled? >> we are from germany and we prepared for this and now it is bed. >> what can we do? >> we will come back next year. >> in a statement new york's mayor stated that he could not have a controversy over an athletic event to impede the current situation. >> 100 people spent the night in anticipation to this event and they're also waiting for a guest. >> activby am out here at the village and a lot of people have chairs and sleeping vex because they're waiting for this new microsoft's store to open a letter this morni
sandy. take a look at history. you cannot see the roof this thing gives way and comes crashing down. this is what is called the most adept in the storm now 50 deaths blamed on the storm. this tree uprooted and a backyard on the north shore of long island. luckily no one was hurt. as i said 50 deaths blamed on san day. it packed winds of 80 mi. an hour on the jersey shore and cloth flooding and damage. now picking up the pieces try to get the damage taking care of especially in new york city and new jersey where there are still largely paralyzed by this storm. >> will be back with more and more fans of the severance go giants and what are they saying this morning. it's time to change the way we clean. it's time to free ourselves from the smell and harshness of bleach. and free ourselves from worrying about the ones we love. new lysol power & free has more cleaning power than bleach. how? the secret is the hydrogen peroxide formula. it attacks tough stains and kills 99.9% of germs. new lysol power & free. powerful cleaning that's family friendly. another step forward in our mission fo
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